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New phone technology/platform that will increase revenue for any company large or small.


I am the VP of Business Development for a tech incubator located in Beverly Hills. We have developed a new phone platform that I believe could be profitable for the adult industry. We are also in the process of developing many other technologies that could be utilized by the adult industry .

The new phone platform allows actresses or models to speak to their fans on their time, with their phone, at the price per minute of their choice. A percentage of the proceeds go to a charity they support. We have been doing small case studies with some actresses and they raised thousands of dollars with little effort.

The system is designed similar to Facebook in the way that the actresses/model have total control over their accounts. Actresses/models have the ability to make themselves available or unavailable to take calls from fans whenever they wish. They can change their price per minute, percentage going to their charity, and even the phone number to where the calls are routed. These are just some of the many features that actresses/models can change from their computer or phone in real-time. They also never have to worry about giving their actual phone numbers to their fans; we create a masked phone number for each new account.

Example Scenario:

1. A actress decides she wants to take phone calls from fans and raise money for her charity. She logs into the her account and sets her price per minute to $50, with 10% of her proceeds going to charity. She can do this by logging into her account over the computer or by texting the phone system.

2. She then advertises her designated phone number (not her actual phone number) on her social media outlets along with a blurb about her upcoming project and about the charity she supports. She also advertises her number on her companies many media outlets.

3. The actress takes calls from fans, raises money for charity, generates publicity for herself and her company with very little effort, all from the convenience of her home.

The possibilities are really endless in regards to this new phone technology. A company can brand a website populated with actresses/models who are willing to take phone calls from fans. Fans could browse the site to see who is available to talk. My company can build a site like this in a matter of days. This would also work well with TV or live streaming video, which could showcase actresses who are available to talk by streaming their names and masked phone numbers at the bottom of the screen.

Once again, the ways to utilize our platform are endless. Incorporation into any media outlet would lead to new revenue streams. The phone system is up and running and ready to be used. We have done some case studies and it has worked out well.

Keep in mind that we are not a third party. My company developed this technology in-house, so it is not available anywhere else.

I would also like to reiterate that we are not trying to use any companies name in anyway shape or form; we simply want to license the technology or do a revenue share.

If you or your representatives would like to come by our offices in Beverly Hills for a closer look, please feel free. I am also available to present you with more information at your office. Please let me know if you have any questions or if you are interested in pursuing this opportunity.

If you are interested in doing affiliate marketing for this platform, please let me know.

[/email][email protected][/email]

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