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Is Your Online Business SAFE?

So you filed another pile of DMCA notices today because your content is on dozen of "share" sites? And chargebacks ratio is increasing in compare with last year? Here is a thought - is your content safe at all? Of corse you must be using one of them sentinel scripts that constantly monitor your member actions. Are you 100% sure that it is bulletproof? Think twice.

Let me ask you this: How long ago did you update this script? When did you update the script that runs your members area at all? What is your MySQL and PHP version? Do you know that updating server software must be done as frequently as you update your Windows OS. Do not rely on your hosting administrator on this, they do not update it that often as they claim. In fact most of them never update it unless you ask them to.

Yet, every day new ways of hacking into your site are being invented at an increasing rate. There are ways to hack into a paysite without even going through billing. Some paysite owners are so careless that their entire members database is exposed to any 10 year old school boy who knows a little bit about MySQL. During our research we saw configurations that could've been hacked by simply having the administrator of the site open a thread on GFY.

You should be on high alert if your software have not been update for more than a year. Typically hacking into your server will not be a big challenge. These who use 3rd party software for members area and members management might feel safe, but there are ways to hack through these solutions as well. You can relax if your company has its own IT department that is conducting constant monitoring of intrusions and fixes vulnerabilities on a constant basis.

If security of your business matters to you then we offer security analysis and consultation service. Our expert will take a look at your system, and gets you list of threads that may jeopardize the system. In our report we will also provide you with ways to lower the risk, or eliminate the vulnerabilities completely.

The Internet is changing. So should you.

For questions or quotes please contact our Sales department 7 days a week:
email: sales 'at' cardinalvices.com
ICQ: 435412482
AIM: CardinalVices
Yahoo: cardinalvices
MSN: sales 'at' cardinalvices.com
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