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Takedown Piracy Celebrates 3-Year Anniversary


Takedown Piracy Celebrates 3-Year Anniversary

?I?m Forever Indebted to Takedown Piracy,? States Filmmaker & Pro Wrestler Colt Cabana of the Highly Effective & Affordable Service!

May 3, 2012 --- CHATSWORTH, Calif. --- Takedown Piracy is proud to celebrate its 3-year anniversary combatting piracy. Created by Nate Glass in 2009, Takedown Piracy is known for its highly effective and affordable services, while always operating with the utmost integrity. Whether harnessing the power of its one-of-a-kind Aikido Program or following up on an individual file reported through its free piracy tip page, Takedown Piracy has been responsible for the removal of over 6.5 million copyright infringements.

For more information about Takedown Piracy, visit http://takedownpiracy.com/why-use-takedown-piracy/.

During its 3-years, Takedown Piracy has made customer service a priority. Clients are continually provided with detailed reports on all removed copyright infringements, while having the ability to contact Takedown Piracy 16 hours a day. As a result, Takedown Piracy has an exemplary retention rate.

A client of Takedown Piracy for 2 years, pro wrestler Colt Cabana states, ?I'm forever indebted to Takedown Piracy! Only 3 days after I put out my completely independent movie, word was out it had hit the torrent sites, YouTube, and more. After funding the whole project myself, this was a scary thought. This is when Takedown Piracy came in and saved the day (and maybe my life). Weeks later I had known Internet pirates telling me they couldn't find my movie anywhere?it was such a great feeling. I can't speak more highly about Nate and Takedown Piracy. They're really helping the little guy fight the good fight.?

Indie DVD distributor Blue Underground, Inc. has been protected by Takedown Piracy for over a year. President William Lustig says, ?Takedown Piracy has opened my eyes to the pervasive, ugly, digital-age underbelly of Internet piracy. I?m sure Takedown Piracy?s tenacious copyright notice campaign on behalf of Blue Underground has given some pirates pause before going through the effort of posting my company?s copyrighted properties.?

Takedown Piracy also safeguards the digital content of lesbian erotica producer Girlfriends Films. Vice President Moose says, ?It is impossible to predict how much money we would lose if pirates were allowed to steal our movies unchecked, but thanks to Takedown Piracy, we?ll never have to know. Even as pirates find new and faster ways to upload our content, Nate and his team are right there removing it before we lose sales. While the mainstream music and movie industries wait around for the government to intervene in matters of copyright infringement, we are taking the fight right to the pirates with Takedown Piracy. It is the best, and we are lucky to have its protection.?

?Nate does an amazing job in his ongoing battle with removing stolen content from the internet,? adds actress and adult performer Tanya Tate. ?Without people like Nate continuously and tirelessly protecting the intellectual property of performers and companies, new entertainment would be unfeasible to create. As a director, performer and producer, I personally want to thank Nate for his work and keeping a proactive watch on my website, TanyaTate.com. I wholeheartedly recommend using the services of Takedown Piracy to any creator who is concerned about their content.?

Each month, Takedown Piracy?s Nate Glass educates readers of AVN Magazine and AVN.com with insightful business news and expert advice regarding digital content protection. AVN Managing Editor Steve Javors says, ?Congrats to Nate Glass and Takedown Piracy on three years of serving the industry. It was because of Nate's 'boots-on-the-ground' experience battling piracy that I wanted him to write a column for AVN. Every month, he provides an insider's view of the scourge of content creators everywhere. His columns are informative and really have become a must-read. Cheers to you, Nate, and here's to many more years of Takedown Piracy.?

Moved by the support of his clients, Nate Glass says, ?From the beginning I knew Takedown Piracy was so much more than a job. It was a mission. I believe every single one of my clients has the right to protect their art and content. Pirates feel entitled to take whatever they want online, but if that mentality goes unchecked, we will see a staggering decrease in the amount of music, movies, and books created. With the discovery and elimination of each new copyright infringement, and the destruction of torrent and cyberlocker sites, Takedown Piracy is determined to prevent that from happening.?

Takedown Piracy and Nate Glass continue to be in the media spotlight for their renowned effectiveness fighting piracy. Featured on CNBC.com, TechDirt.com, The Daily.com, the 1709 Blog, and more, word is spreading about the small but mighty company, and its David versus Goliath story.

Wanting to better involve the fans of Takedown Piracy?s numerous artist clients, the company created a tips page. Millions of additional eyes provide Takedown Piracy with an army seeking out illegal downloads on torrent, tube and cyberlocker sites. Users are asked to report the copyright owner and a link to the infringement. To report a copyright violation using Takedown Piracy?s tip page, visit http://takedownpiracy.com/tips/.

On a larger scale, Takedown Piracy?s custom infringement removal tool, the Aikido Program?, removes hundreds of thousands of copyright infringements at an incredible speed. Aikido 2.0 magnifies the production by increasing the patrolling range of the program. It takes sites meant to assist illegal downloads and transforms them into valuable assets in anti-piracy. True to its martial art namesake, the Aikido Program uses the strength of its opponent to its own advantage. Combined with Takedown Piracy?s new SEO program, Search Clean?, infringements are eliminated from even the largest search engines, like Google.

Takedown Piracy actively tracks at least nine different ways content may be pirated, providing widespread coverage. Takedown Piracy?s army of servers offer protection in the following areas: Cyberlocker sites like Rapidshare, Torrent sites, Tube sites, Auctioned or unauthorized DVD resellers, Search Engines, Image Hosts, Blogs, Forums, Social Media.

To view a statistical breakdown of infringements removed by Takedown Piracy, visit http://takedownpiracy.com/stats/.

About Takedown Piracy:
Takedown Piracy (TDP) is an anti-piracy service started in April of 2009. The service was founded by 14-year entertainment industry veteran Nate Glass. TDP offers copyright holders an affordable and highly effective means to fight back against content thieves. For less than the cost of a part-time, minimum wage worker, copyright holders can benefit from Glass? expertise and passion for protecting copyrighted content from thieves. To date, TDP has removed over 6.5 million content infringements. Leading piracy websites are closely monitored to always provide clients with immediate service and protection. Every month detailed reports are provided to clients with each action taken on their behalf. A price can?t be placed on trust, but with Takedown Piracy, clients can be sure the company has their best interest in mind 100% of the time. For more information, visit www.TakedownPiracy.com or www.Twitter.com/TakedownPiracy.

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# # #

For more information please contact:

Takedown Piracy
[email protected]
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avn, colt cabana, girlfriends films, takedown piracy, tanya tate
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