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The place for sellers and buyers to get together. Sell and buy work, sigs, designs, traffic, gallery spots, cars, whatever. Buyer beware, GFY is not responsible for bad deals.

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:stoned Residential (RDP) IPv4 | Clean IPs 4 All Uses | 1/ip x 1400 Class-A/B/C

Do You Need RESIDENTIAL IPV4? We Got Em!

If you are looking to test our Verizon Wireless RDP service, via squid proxy, we have that available to you as an option. You also can use a Chrome browser plug-in to access it.

Second, can you have more than a single ip connection per line? The answer is yes. You can open multiple connections per line/geoip location. However, once that ip has been changed (you control) then all users are kicked off that connection and must reestablish.

Third, bandwidth... we have some proxy and social media clients with literally 50-70+ modem/lines in use. None of them to date have had any bandwidth issues.

Your final cost is based on volume of line/modems.

- Atlanta
- Dallas
- Los Angeles
- Milwaukee
- Minneapolis
- Phoenix
- San Diego
- Washington D.C.

Additional Locations to Launch in 2019:
Chicago, Miami, Seattle!

* Unlimited IP Pool
* High IP Anonymity
* High Connection Speed
* Chrome, Firefox Plug-Ins 2 Configure Proxies 4 You
* One-Click IP Change Application
* Squid Proxy Hand Off Available
* U.S. Based Wireless RDP IPs
* Ability to Switch Between Multiple Cities GEOIP

This is an excellent service for:
-- Anonymous Market Research
-- Craigslist
-- Google AdWords
-- Limited Release Tickets/etc.
-- Shoe Stores
-- Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc)

================================================== =====

If you are interested in do a pre-test of our Verizon RDP product via squid proxy, feel free to contact us sales /@/ blazingswitch.com and we can arrange it. If you are interested in doing RDP via DSL lines in different locations, we offer many cities around the world. However, keep in mind there are hard costs involved like cross connects, cost of servers/hardware, ips, and so forth. We can get those set up for you assuming you are willing to take on the investment needed to do so. We have added additional locations as follows.

-- Ashburn, VA
-- Atlanta-AT1
-- Austin
-- Dallas-1
-- Dallas-2
-- Denver
-- Detroit
-- Las Vegas
-- Los Angeles-1
-- Los Angeles-2
-- Los Angeles-3
-- New York-1
-- New York-2
-- Phoenix
-- Pittsburgh
-- San Jose
-- Seattle-1
-- Seattle-2
-- Tampa

-- Amsterdam
-- Barcelona
-- Dubai
-- Dublin
-- Frankfurt-FR5
-- Guadalajara
-- Hong Kong
-- Istanbul
-- Johannesburg
-- Korea
-- Leeds, UK
-- London, UK
-- Mexico
-- Mexico City
-- Milano
-- Paris
-- Rome
-- Singapore
-- Sydney
-- Tokyo-TY2
-- Toronto

Note: Some of these locations are going to be premium service/prices. However, if you really need these locations for data center, or RDP locations, those are possible if you have the budget.
Should You Email Your Members?

Link1 | Link2 | Link3

Enough Said.

"Would you rather live like a king for a year or like a prince forever?"
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