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CryptoFlowers | Flowers - it is profitable!

Everyone already knows that CryptoKitties captured the world of cryptocurrency! The first cats were sold for $ 1, and now they cost thousands of times more!
You have the opportunity to buy a flower at the start for the minimum cost, which will grow significantly in the future!

CryptoFlowers is a game about collecting and breeding digital flowers. Using the power of Smart Contracts and Ethereum network, the game allows you to collect, breed and exchange unique digital flowers. While CryptoFlowers are not digital currency, it provides the same level of security. Each Cryptoflower is genetically unique, it cannot be destroyed, taken away or replicated, and it will always bloom!
How does it work?
You get or buy flowers, breed them and getting one of the 6 billion combinations of the gene. The more interesting and unusual the flower is - the more expensive it is! If you breed flowers with different genes, you can get something amazing!
If you breeding the basic types (gen0), you get unique types of flowers, the cost of which also increases depending on the unique combination of genes!
The cost of one flower can be 10 cents, or may exceed 100 thousand dollars!
There are 6 billion variations of genotypes, it means each flower is unique!
You will get 50% Commission on all transactions of your friends if you would invite them.
Become the flower grower - find and grow new and unique plants that will blow your mind away!
Become the collector - complete your collection of rare traits for everyone to envy! Become the trader - buy and sell flowers on auction with other players!


What do you need to start playing CryptoFlowers and get a flower for FREE?
1) You can use Google Chrome or Firefox browser.
2) Install a digital wallet MetaMask, used in web applications. For your first purchase or commission payment, you must deposit money into your wallet.
3) You can use Ethereum for payment.
4) Get the first FREE flower.

CryptoFlowers announces Airdrop

Crypto Flowers Airdrop - Enter & WIN!

We're giving away 75 ETH and 50 000 a unque flowers in prizes

This is the only chance to get unique flowers worth thousands of dollars absolutely free!🌷
A prize pool of more than 10,000 ETH!
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