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Old 09-12-2017, 05:47 PM   #1
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We recently bought a website which has CCBill as a payment system. We know they are one of the best in the business so we wanted to take over the account as well as the paying CCBill members the website already had.

The price we paid for the website included the money that was on the account at that time. Though it may not be considered much, for us the $5500 on the account is a lot of money since I'm an entrepreneur with a family and bills to pay. After everything was signed over to us and we were the legal owners of the account, CCBill was going to send us the money by check. We were sure to confirm with CCBill several times in our emails and phone calls with them to make sure they senthathe check to us, and not the old owner. Every time, they assured us that this wouldn’t be a problem and replied that we were now the legal owner of the account and the check would be sent to us.

Around 3 months later, we still have not received the money. We have called CCBill multiple times and sent email after email because we never received the check in the mail. They repeatedly said that the check must have been lost in the mail and offered other excuses.

We did not believe them and got proof recently when they made a mistake. They had me as a blind copy on an email they sent to the former owner of the website saying, “We sent you the money the new owner should have by mistake. Please transfer that money back to us so we can pay the new owner of the account.” In other words — CCBill has been lying to us all along and were trying to stall so that they could get the money back before paying us. How incompetent can they be and why should we have to wait or pay for their mistake?

Now, we have to spend money on taking them to court for the $5500 because they refuse to respond to us or to pay us our money, which probably will not happen before they get the money from the previous owner… if they ever do. We should not have to wait or pay for CCBill’s mistake. The fact that they are lying and using their power to run over us like this is beyond belief for me!

I have read earlier that people have had some problems with payouts from smaller "dodgy" payment systems, but I would never, ever believe that CCBill would treat us this way. Talk about a big corporation running over the small guy.

At this point, we are just being met with silence and the people in charge of this will not even answer our calls. How is that possible from a large and respectable corporation like CCBill? The money they owe us is nothing to them, but for someone small like us this is a lot of money that we really need right now!

Crossing my fingers now that we won’t be sued by CCBill with a team of corporate lawyers for being honest.
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Old 09-14-2017, 02:29 PM   #2
Chuck Thunder
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Wow good luck! They seem to have a good rep still. I remember when they started back in 2001
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Old 09-18-2017, 07:22 AM   #3
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good luck man
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