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Backup practices for storing files

Files are getting bigger and bigger, and there is more and more types of data which we generate in this era. Storing data only on work machine
is a risk which can lead to disaster with unrecoverable consequences. From hard drive/os failures, to malware attacks, plenty of ways to lose data.
In order to mitigate it is needed not just to backup data on one off-site, but multiple. And it's not just problem of potential data loss, but also data availability across multiple devices
like tablet, cellphone and desktop.
What we can do , is to have active and passive backup -
active backup where we will not just upload files there but organize and edit, while passive backup is which just archive.

Here it type of most common data types:
1.Critical/Password information

And here is how we can handle it:

1.Critical/Password information - this is best to store on private online server, and contain in it with 1024-bit encryption
2.Images - images can be uploaded to popular services like imgur.com and similar, unless they are not-for-public nature, then it's better to
use password protected free file storage like gdrive/microsoft drive which also can preview images.
3.Videos - as videos are files which are most consuming in terms of size, best choice would be to use youtube as it have no limitation on upload,
and it also have option for monetization. For videos which cannot be uploaded to youtube, due type or privacy issues , gdrive/microsoft drive can be used too.
4.Articles - Articles do not take much space, but they can be more important then other data. Gdrive/microsoft drive would be good choice here too, but there
are other specialized services like ever-note.
5.Bookmarks - this is important data too, for storing it services like raindrop io .

This list is good for active backup, where we want to edit and preview files. However, in case of malware attack, there is still chance to have data compromised,
and services providers could cancel account for whatever reason as each service comes with a set of terms and conditions, so we need another backup iteration to keep data safe.
This is where we need a passive backup , where we upload data strictly for archive purposes, and also where data is unchanged so it's stay safe in
case of malware attack. A best solution for this is mojovault, amazon s3 powered file storage. It allows to create multiple buckets, which is similar to what we call directories
to properly organize types of data. It have no psychical limits to storage size or type, so anything can be uploaded to it. It also have option to mount bucket as objectlock,
which means anything uploaded to it cannot be changed anymore. So in case failure of either primary data source or active backup, this will always working quite fine to keep
your data 100% sure.
Once this setup is configured, then not even nuclear attack can compromise your data. Because even in that case , as data is spread thru multiple continents, it will always stay safe.
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