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Old 04-20-2017, 02:19 PM   #1
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:stoned Pornsite reviews - copywriter needed

I am looking for copyrighter that love his work. He can tell the story and sell the product. He is rewriting his texts at least 5 times. He is reading books about copywriting and advertising. English language.

Please send me some examples of paysite reviews and prices to [email protected]

Thank you!
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Old 04-21-2017, 01:40 AM   #2
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email sent
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Old 04-21-2017, 12:22 PM   #3
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good luck man
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Old 04-21-2017, 03:31 PM   #4
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Hey a friend recommend this thread to me that you search people who love their work. We are little group of writers and would like to be hired on longer term. At the moment I can't write you a mail because I'm on my phone so I will post some example here for now and tomorrow will shot you a mail,but if you like what you'll read feel free to wrote us.

Check this out:

I step out into the cool evening and take a deep breath of crisp autumn air, wrapping my faux fur coat tighter around me. Closing the front door behind me, and with it my children, safely curled up on the sofa watching a film with a big bowl of popcorn and their favourite babysitter, a smile spreads across my face.
I feel myself transitioning from mummy to wild woman, the domesticity of my week blowing away in the gentle breeze. I don?t look back as I walk down the four concrete steps and along the path, my heels click-clacking in time with the swaying of my hips. A black cat slinks across the path, disappearing into the shadows, ready for a night of roaming, prowling, running free. Feeling a sense of kinship with the feline creature so driven by her senses and desires, my smile widens.
Closing the iron gate behind me, I look around for a moment and take in the night, feeling myself coming alive with the magic in the air. A violet twilight renders everything silhouettes, from the row of tall townhouses in our street, to the pavement-planted trees, proudly standing sentinel every few metres along the wide road. It?s silent in these suburbs, and we pay a princely sum for the privilege of being buffered from the bustling noises of the city at night, but right now it?s what I crave. I can hear her calling to me ? the city ? I can hear the purr and roar of the traffic, the shouts and laughter. I can feel the rush, the anonymity her vibrant cloak offers. It draws me towards her with a longing I can only set free once a week, when I play my game.
As if on cue, the sound of an engine permeates my thoughts, and my cab draws up in front of me. Sliding into the back, I?m aware of my red dress riding up, giving the young Asian driver a flash of the lacy tops of my stockings. I don?t smooth it down into place, I open my legs slightly, the sight of his eyes widening as he pulls his gaze up to my face lights a fire in my belly, hot molten lust spreading through my veins like wildfire. Tossing my long red curls over my shoulder, I tell him my destination, and with an audible clearing of his throat, he manages to turn his attention to the road and drive.

My excitement grows as we near town and the streets we travel become busier. A sweet anticipation sings inside me, a delicious hum already starting between my legs as I think about what?s to come. Who will I give myself to tonight? I wonder. Who? Where? The adventures I?ve had in recent weeks since I started this game have been out of this world. They flash through my mind in quick succession ? a flipbook of images, raw, naked, covert. My body melts with the visions. It?s all I can do not to moan and I grip my handbag to stop my hand from slipping between my legs, under my skirt. I bite my bottom lip gently. I won?t touch myself, though it would be so easy to do so, a seasoned pro I am in the art of masturbation, or bringing myself to climax. I could do it right here, right now, with a few simple strokes of my fingers against my ripe and yearning clit. But I won?t. I?ll let it build and simmer ? the lust. The lust that I?d once thought had fizzled out for good leaving only the burnt, barely glowing embers of comfortable sex after ten years of marriage.
I didn?t feel bad about the games, about my newfound raving desires that burn bright through my cells and moisten my pussy, about the encounters that stay with me long after the physical touch, revisiting me during the day whilst I?m cleaning or cooking, my body trembling with the echoes of passion. It?s awakened another part of me, a part I always suspected existed but kept locked away tight while I behaved like a respectable mother, a proper wife.
I remember that first time ? that first game night ? the motorcyclist, the wild ride through the night into the dark stillness of the countryside, the engine of that big machine thrumming between my legs. The feeling of his leathers against my naked body, the things we did on the back of that bike in the seclusion of the deserted lay-by. My body is quivering with the memory, I?m breathless with it. Desperate for release.
No, I don?t regret any of it. How can I regret something that has bought me so alive? My husband certainly isn?t complaining; my sex drive is soaring and the unexpected quickies in the laundry room or his office when I?m horny ? which these days is often, are putting a constant smile on his face.
I love him, I really do, and I love making him smile. So the games will continue.
I notice the driver glancing at me in the mirror as the city lights whizz past, and I can?t help a fantasy engulfing me, my wild imagination instantly conjuring a vision up as I notice his well muscled thighs, his hand gripping the gear stick. I imagine straddling him right here in his cab. Letting my dress ride up around my waist, unzipping his jeans?
?This ok for you?? He asks, startling me out of my ponderings.
I look around and realise we?ve arrived at the hotel I?ve chosen for tonight?

Hope this kind writing is what you need.
Have a nice weekend,
stories, blog posts, reviews, descriptions for sites, videos, galleries, articles and etc.

CONTACT US AT [email protected]
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