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Looking for OnlyFans Chatter (10am-6pm EST)

Looking to hire a chatter for a new OnlyFans Account. Niche: Ebony MILF.

Start Date: Immediately. If hired, you can start the same day or the next day, depending on the time you're hired.

Pay being offered is $2 USD/Hour + 5% commission.

Because the account is new, earnings will increase every month but to put things into perspective:
last month we did $2100 USD from chatting alone. If you were the one to make these sales, you would have earned: $105 USD in commission + $480 USD in base pay = $585 USD last month.

This was our first month so we expect it to grow A LOT. We project a minimum of $3000-4000 this month which would mean $630-$680 for you.

Good performance will also earn you:
Bonuses and Raises based on performance, consistency, work ethic and time with us.

Now that we've covered what's in it for you, here are our expectations and requirements (READ CAREFULLY).


We will be hiring multiple chatters but the first shift we are looking to cover is from 10am-6pm EST. If you can't fill these hours, don't apply.

Extended hours is optional and can be discussed in the next steps.

Targets and Quota Attainment (how you keep your job and make $$$$)

Your daily target will be $120 USD in earnings. We expect a minimum of 90% weekly attainment.

Example, if you work 5 days, 5x$120= $600. So by the end of the week you will need to sell a minimum of $540 (90%) to be considered on target.

Your target will increase monthly as the amount of subscribers we have increases i.e more opportunities to sell = we expect more sales.

English proficiency:

Our model is an English speaking native from the US, it is important that the people you are selling to believe you are her! Thus, STRONG English is a REQUIREMENT.
Please do not apply if you can't speak fluent English. We will test your proficiency before hiring you.

Attitude & Energy:

We want someone who is Energetic and Money Hungry! Ever heard you shouldn't mention money in a job interview? Fuck that. We want you to want to make money, because that means you will work harder to get more sales!
We also want you to be positive, resilient and adaptable. Things are slow today? Figure out a way to get the job done regardless. Be quick on your feet.

Honesty & Loyal:

Yes you will be lying to the people you're selling too, but don't lie to me. If you need a day off, be honest about it, don't make up some bull shit excuse about being sick or that your hamster died.

That doesn't mean you can never get sick, it means don't make up stories to get out of doing your job. If you're this type of person, don't apply - simple.

Secondly, we are looking to employ someone long term, that wants to grow with us. Again depending on your performance there are opportunities to earn more and potentially be assigned to more models. If you're only looking for a quick gig, don't apply.

Morally Flexible:

Contradicts the last point? That's the point. This requires a flexible moral compass that allows you to be honest but at the same time, know how to take advantage of a situation.
You will be selling adult content, sexting, and taking emotional advantage of "simps" for money. This isn't for the soft-hearted. Can you do this without feeling like you're a scum bag? Or at least be ok with that feeling? Good, continue reading...

If you're still reading and this sounds like an opportunity you want to take advantage of, leave a message below or DM directly on Telegram @ Nvmgt

FYI - next steps will include a Zoom interview, English proficiency test and a probationary period if hired.

NO TIME WASTERS - Serious Inquiries only.
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