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Obtaining Mainstream Traffic To Your Adult Properties

The foremost key to making everything in this thread work is to make sure you have a substantial amount of non-nude sexy content to use. For content makers, I would hope to make non-nude photo sets and even videos are standard practice, as you are missing out on a large market and huge traffic sources. Plus it's a great way to get to know your models better and achieve better performances later on.

Tumblr can work excellent and be automated to a very high degree but obviously needs proper TLC (tender loving care) and adjustments as your stats dictate and time progresses. Setting it up takes some serious hours but with proper organization and planning, there are ways to accelerate that process tremendously. The end result is a rather tremendous traffic machine that can be accelerated and adjusted without massive effort.

Some key things to train yourself to do with Tumblr from the start is to make sure your themes are SEO friendly and responsive. Be sure to properly add descriptive URL slugs (this is bigger than one might think), source content links, cohesive inbound linking, well thought out keyword matrix set variations, and targeted Tumblr blogs that can be intertwined properly filtering the traffic into keyword funnels. It is the same as building separate website domain networks but in a subdomain environment. Tumblr and in specific Google does reward well SEO optimized Tumblrs over time.

There are very extensive and free Tumblr must have automation tools that must be set up with your keyword sets and other presets, batch/bulk manipulations that literally turbocharge the entire process. Tumblr Mega Editor from Tamper Monkey/Grease Monkey scripts browser plugins is must-have tools used in tandem with the mass post editor. Also a good macro or auto typing tool such as Typeitin or AutoKey. This can store your blog pitches, keyword sets, and automate a lot of repetitive tasks but obviously takes initial sweat equity to set up but ultimately it is worth every hour spent making tasks that would take an hour into a few clicks away.

I hope this doesn't sound overly complicated but the purpose of writing this is to help others grasp what can be achieved through automating the process as much as possible. If you are good at Linux or more specifically Python programming, it can be done this way too. Personally, that is way more problematic and not so user-friendly IMHO.

During this process of building your Tumblrs, you essentially double or triple up your content creation, targeting, and post variations by re-submitted to Twitter (At different time intervals as to not overlap content), Using Blogger, even Pinterest and Sex.com just to name a few. You can even take that a step further and integrate your Tube site activities into this entire mix and other worthy traffic hubs.

A key thing to remember in all of this is to make sure you keep your content toned down with respect to Tumblr, Pinterest, and Blogger. Also, Reddit as mentioned above. This can be done rather skillfully pretty much with most niches by toning down the XXX to X rated suggestive. In other words, keep the money shots at bay. Tumblr will flag your blog as adult-oriented which nullifies any Google traffic. I see people still doing hardcore Tumblr Blogs but most Cam models these days. That takes more aggressive queuing and pre-planned post organization to get a lot of traffic and followers fast. However, in my opinion, that traffic is generally garbage but does convert if your content is quality. I prefer the more skilled filtered manner myself for long term benefits.

More automation can be done with Tweetdeck, IFTTT, and even remedial WordPress sites to make use of their nifty automation plugins. It all depends on how hard one wants to push the envelope. The bottom line is to achieve the best long term results, make sure your entire configuration is planned out in advance as much as possible given you a truly powerful automation dynamic over time that enables tremendous growth with as little "grunt" work as possible.

Automation, organization, and planning are the vitals here. Using your already stored historical statistics and knowledge of that converts to your advantage and exploiting that intelligence is your overall goal.

Building organic traffic takes time but the end results are significant and long term. Organic traffic is something built up over time with organized and persistent effort. If these words escape your vocabulary or focus is a problem then perhaps a reboot is in order.

It is hard to fail with a driven and focused goal-oriented plan. While Tumblr is effective, it needs to be coupled with other platforms to maximize the overall effect. Most notably Twitter and Blogger. This provides a funnel to filter the traffic ultimately where the money is.

Organize the content used to build Tumblr (And the like) to be recycled and used elsewhere essentially doubling, tripling, or quadrupling its impact and saving incredible amounts of time. This is essentially a big picture approach to multitasking in real-time applications over multiple platforms.

The keys to this concept lie in two main areas often overlooked or done rather haphazardly, file management, and organization. If this can be achieved along with a focused and well thought out marketing strategy, the sky is indeed the limit.

In closing, if you can garner a substantial foothold on mainstream traffic to ultimately feed into your adult content gives you an additional burst of continuous traffic coming from many sources. The name of the game is diversity.

Hope this helps as the above can apply to any business.. I have done it successfully with restaurants and other online work.
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