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Storylines for your Models to showcase their Assets!

Buy creative Storylines for your Models!

Each Scene is described clearly for the Model to showcase her Assets! This means attracting more Audiences… Which means more Revenue…

Buy Storylines for Models to Attract Audiences!

Buy creative Storylines for your Models and have them perform as mentioned in the Storyline. The Pay Per View Scenes would help in attracting customers to a great extent!

A Storyline is a set of 12 Pay-per-view (PPV) Scenes. It is a mix of Videos and Pics.

A preview of the Storyline that is being sold now –

Back from work on a lazy Friday evening - SOLO

Teaser –
• A picture of you back from the Office in a formal outfit with your cleavage exposed. (This picture is to be taken with you entering your home)
• A picture of you with just your shirt (no overcoat), skirt, and high heels on sipping water from a glass, and your eyes gazing at the camera.
• A picture with the shirt, panties, and high heels. Sit on a small stool. Legs spread apart. Stretch your hands to the sky and your eyes to gaze up with your face visible to the camera.
• A picture with just your panties and high heels. Stand with stretched legs and give a naughty smile at the camera.
• Video – A small briefing that you just returned from the Office on a Friday Evening. Outfit – Panties and high heels. Rest your back on the wall and do have one foot resting on the wall too. With one hand above your head pose for the camera. (Length of video - Less than 15 sec.)

PPV1 –
• A short video of you yearning to be eased (Quote – I would love to have you ease me and as you say it, start yearning. One hand inside your panties rubbing your clit and the other hand squeezing your tits and circling the nipples towards the end.) (Outfit – Just Panties) (Place – Bath. Under the shower. However, the shower is not yet turned on) (Length of video – 15-20 sec.)

PPV2 –
• Video – (Outfit – No clothes) (Place – Bath. Under the shower. The shower just drizzles.) Your back is visible to the camera and your face looks up over your shoulder. Both your hands gently squeeze your ass cheeks. With smiles on your face. (Length of video – 15-20 sec.)


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