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Some updated numbers:
ELEPHANT is currently at ~$0.1925/million, an approx. 100% (!) increase since my initial post.

ELEPHANT treasury has grown to 148 trillion, valued at 28.3 million USD. The treasury has now bought back more tokens than exist in both of the liquidity pools combined, indicating that if the demand remains steady the price curve could soon head into a parabolic trajectory.

A Futures deposit on Jan 30 would have accrued 77% to date, without any compounding. Weekly compounding could have raised that to over 2x. Over 1500 participants have joined Futures to date, depositing over $7.5 million in total.

Some alpha: NFT's will be made available very soon. The initial batch will sell for 1 BNB, with the price doubling for every batch thereafter. All proceeds will go into the treasury, taking more ELEPHANT tokens out of circulation and pumping the price.
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