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Originally Posted by AmateurFlix View Post
Some numbers to chew on:
Since the original post the price of ELEPHANT token has risen from ~$0.0984/million to ~$0.1231/million, an approx. 25% increase

The ELEPHANT treasury, which helps support the tokenomics of the project, has risen from ~100T to 122 trillion, with a current market value of $15.1 million USD. As this treasury grows it pulls ELEPHANT tokens out of the LP's which could induce a very pronounced supply shock, causing the price chart to go parabolic with continued demand and an ever lessening supply.

I posted about the Futures feature on Jan 30, 56 days ago. A deposit made at that time would have accrued 28% to date.
Some updated numbers:
ELEPHANT is currently at ~$0.1459/million, an approx. 48% increase.

ELEPHANT treasury has grown to 136 trillion, valued at 19.6 million USD

A Futures deposit on Jan 30 would have accrued 54% to date, without any compounding. Weekly compounding could have raised that to over 67%. Over 1200 participants have joined Futures to date, depositing over $5 million in total.
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