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Futures: BUSD in/out at 0.5% daily

A new feature has been added allowing deposits in BUSD which pays 0.5% daily, Rewards are also in BUSD so there is no risk of a deflationary native token as is typical in other ROI dapps.

There is a $200 minimum deposit, and when rewards accrue you have a choice of either collecting rewards or compounding them by making an additional deposit. This isn't a typical ROI dapp where early investors make bank and everyone else gets screwed, it is designed more in the style of a high yield bond and you need to compound at least once in order to generate a net profit.

This feature is funded by the innovations supporting the ELEPHANT token, which I mentioned in the first post in this thread. Chart is attached below, the price has appreciated by ~17% since the earlier post.

Why gamble with bitcoin bubbles, ponzies, and greater fool theory? Crypto has evolved!
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