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Originally Posted by Emil View Post
Why would you launch your service with a gTLD or whatever those are called? It sounds like you put that service together under 24 hours. Nothing serious that I would trust with my money IMO.
It is customary for crypto sites to use something like .money, .finance etc, .com's are not the rule in this sector.

This project is the 6th largest holder of BNB on the binance blockchain, behind only stablecoin LP's, bitcoin, eth, and cake. Millions in liquidity. It was not put together "under 24 hours" rather it's been an ongoing project developed over years and actually began on a different blockchain under a different name ( flow on tron, discontinued project but still paying)

BTW this isn't my project.

Also, that supply shock I referenced above which is expected to kick in when around 150T is in the treasury; it was about 100T when I made the post, it's now sitting at 101.9T and climbing every day.
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