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Crypto community bank, long established, unique opportunity

I've found an opportunity that may be of interest to some of you sitting on crypto assets.

This is a well established project led by an MIT grad with 25 years of experience in FinTech, formerly of Fidelity; most defi projects running today make use of his code in some way or another. In a space filled with copycats, this is primarily who they're copying from.

The project is and it is essentially an online community bank of sorts which pays high and sustainable yields via a number of different instruments. Much more than a simple coin, this is a system of multiple treasuries, dozens of contracts, and two coins.

ELEPHANT coin is a reflect coin of limited supply with a 10% buy/sell tax, a portion of which goes to holders, the remainder to a treasury.

TRUNK coin is an overcollateralized yield coin with no buy or sell taxes which can max out at $1 in value. When under peg on the open market, it can still be redeemed for 1 BUSD via the redemption mechanism (more on this later). Keep in mind it can also be sold on PCS at any time for current market value if you should require instant liquidation.

There is a ton of info available describing the system in great detail, but the basic idea behind this is that taxed revenues generated by ELEPHANT sales flow into one treasury, while minting and bonding TRUNK generate revenues which flow into another treasury, which in turn is used to buy ELEPHANT, driving the price of ELEPHANT ever higher which incentivizes further investment in ELEPHANT from traders, thus multiplying the value stored.

Two other key aspects of the system are the Graveyard, which sort of replaces a burn address with a contract that deepens and hardens liquidity over time, as well as Bertha, an ELEPHANT treasury which is designed to grow over time in the manner of a friendly whale who will never dump her bags on the system and will eventually induce a supply shock in the ELEPHANT token, causing the price to go parabolic very rapidly once the ELEPHANT token reaches a certain level of scarcity.

Now here's the best part, for you: this parabolic rise has already happened once. This is not an untested theory, it works just as intended. You can look up the charts and see for yourself.

Unfortunately, the project was attacked and a treasury was stolen from; it has since been secured and thoroughly audited, and has continued paying yield throughout the recovery phase. It is worth noting that no customer tokens were stolen during the exploit; the worst effect of this was some panic selling which knocked the TRUNK coin off peg and has increased the wait time in the redemption queue. A floor price seems to have been pretty well established, and with the ELEPHANT treasury gaining steam quickly, the supply shock seems likely to occur again within the coming months.

Last time the price of ELEPHANT started to go parabolic when the treasury was in the 150 trillion range, and it just passed 100 trillion a couple days ago, with some very recent improvements to the system that will rapidly accelerate the treasury growth.

If you get in before the supply shock, you are poised to see a potentially exponential growth in ELEPHANT token, and a nearly 4X gain in TRUNK token.

It gets better.

The yields on TRUNK token are variable and are tied to it's current value. As I type this, TRUNK is selling for around $0.26, farms are paying ~32% APR, staking ~28%, and bonds ~53% APR. If TRUNK were to return to peg, those APR's increase to 125%, ~70-90%, and 205% respectively. Bonds pay out daily and can be rolled, turning that 205% APR into ~672% APY.

Keep in mind these yields have been paid out sustainably throughout the entire recovery phase.

Ways to earn yield
  1. Trustless, lossless farming on stablecoins and blue chip crypto
    This will probably be the most attractive prospect for most of you. In essence, you single stake equal values of two tokens, so you get farming with no impermanent loss.
    I.E. If you put in $10K BUSD and $10K TRUNK, currently 10K BUSD and ~38K TRUNK, when you withdraw you get back that same 10K BUSD and 38K TRUNK regardless of their fluctuation in value. This contrasts with traditional yield farming which returns more of what has dropped in value and less of what has risen. This is an innovation which to my knowledge does not exist anywhere else.
    Better yet, the yields are paid on 2X the TRUNK value. So in the example given above, you would be paid a peg adjusted APR based upon 2X the 38K TRUNK, or 76K TRUNK. Should TRUNK return to peg, the APR would rise to 125%, and you would then be earning yield of up to 125% on a valuation of $76,000 for an initial investment of $20k. Should you choose to withdraw, you would get back the original amounts, then worth up to $48k if at peg, having collected yield throughout the interim.

    Trustless (only your keys can access funds, no custodial access), lossless farming is available currently for BUSD, BTCB (bitcoin), ETH, WBNB, CAKE, USDT, XRP, USDC, DAI, DOGE, ADA, MATIC

    Farming can be accessed at
    IMPORTANT: the best way to purchase TRUNK for farming is via the slippage free OTC desk at the FARMER's DEPOT tab, which will issue your TRUNK at 3.33% daily for 30 days. This is the best way to directly support the treasury and if you're buying larger amounts of TRUNK the savings in slippage can be very significant, up to around 30%.
    Purchasing TRUNK direct from PCS will work too, but instead of supporting the treasury, it just provides exit liquidity for swing traders which delays a return to peg.
  2. Bonding
    This pays the highest yields in exchange for locking up your TRUNK until 205% is returned. At peg, it pays that 205% over the course of one year, or at about 0.56% per day. While under peg the APR is adjusted so that you still get the full 205% back, but more slowly.
    It is worth noting that such a degree of confidence exists among holders than nearly 9000 investors have chosen to BOND their TRUNK, with the majority choosing to roll rather than claim.
    You can think of this as equivalent to sort of a CD in the "community bank"

    The best way to enter bonding is by using the Stampede Perpetual Bonds > "PEANUTS" tab on
  3. Staking
    This would be more equivalent to an interest bearing savings or checking account. Funds are liquid and can be withdrawn at any time tax free.
    Use the Stake > Deposit tab at
  4. HODLing ELEPHANT for reflections
    This is where the greatest profit potential might exist. You simply HODL ELEPHANT in your wallet and collect reflections.
    The best way to purchase ELEPHANT is with the Buy with Bertha "BUY" tab at which helps better support the treasury than purchasing through PCS.

This is one of the very few projects in defi based upon sound economic theory, and it is paying high yields on farms where 50% of the assets are stablecoins, and the other 50% has never dropped to zero even during the worst crypto bear market in history, and despite an exploit. Defi is by nature risky, but as far as the risky plays go... this would seem to be one of the most solid out there, with a tremendous upside.

As you have probably figured out by now, this is designed to be sort of a one stop catch basin for all of your blue chip and stable coin crypto investing needs. As the farms grow, demand for TRUNK will grow, which should push TRUNK back to peg, increase the APR's, and cause a rise in ELEPHANT, which will only become more scarce as Bertha stores ever more of it away thanks to the 10% buy and sell taxes.

For those of you with deeper pockets, if you feel like being a market maker a low to mid 7 figure investment in the short to medium term could potentially return you around 3X cash plus double digit yields while you wait.

I'm not including any refcodes here but there is a partner system, PM me if you want to receive 0.5% airdrops on your deposits.

If you'd like immediate answers to your questions please join the Telegram channel at or Discord

More resources:

Full disclosure: I am invested in this project myself, I am not a licensed financial adviser, this is not financial advice, do your own research and understand that the entirety of your investment is exposed to risk.
This is most fun when treated as entertainment

If you have any questions feel free to post them here, but you're really better off just asking on Telegram, there's always someone around to help.
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