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Originally Posted by gorogorox View Post
email sent
I remember, SniffCams

Originally Posted by Germanistic View Post
quote from your blog post:
"I bought their services for $750 ... Their sites were really bad..."
BTW, you blog post is a nice investigation work
Sometimes I exaggerate when I get angry... I've added a few backlinks so now that post ranks for their company name

Originally Posted by brassmonkey View Post
heads up you have duplicate titles
Do you always use Screaming Frog on link exchange candidate sites? Yes, I'm aware of that problem.
In the start, I allowed people to choose keywords for titles, the result is what you found. My policy is that old posts shouldn't be changed, for me it feels like breaking a deal.
But for new posts, I'm more strict - I learn.
Anyway, somehow all those posts are indexed, no matter those and other shortcomings (really short text, keyword stuffing...).
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