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Originally Posted by onwebcam View Post
This "Company Intelligence Report" (top of page 17) is dated prior to the election. If it was real and true then why wasn't it used by anyone? Maybe because it's only recently manufactured "intelligence" to dupe stupid people?
Yes that's why Hairy Reed told the FBI to release it then... because he knew they had it. This is what he was talking about. Come on now, put the wheels into gear..

They don't instantly verify this stuff it takes time. They've been working on this stuff since August, what you see in that report is the information they came up with so far.. That's the actual reports Trump & Obama were briefed on..

The 1st two pages are the summary of what involves Trump, the rest is the hacking of the DNC & RNC ect but also involves Trump.. That is the actual report Obama and Trump were briefed on but the Trump part was kept secret and hadn't been reported until the whole thing was leaked today..

You think this is fake... watch the Cabinets confirmations tomorrow and you will bet your ass this will be in it..
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