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Originally Posted by mineistaken View Post
bronco, for an outlet to push fake news they must have an agenda.
So in this instance pro crooked channels would be pushing this.
If fake news were about obama you would get fox pushing it and crooked channels silent.
Amazing, it took no proof at all for you to call Clinton a criminal just the say so of some talking heads on TV.. Meanwhile here I present you actual leaked document and you claim it's fake..

They shouldn't of called you guys "the deplorables", it's should of been "the gullibles".

Sure it's fair to say this stuff hasn't been confirmed yet because it's an on going case. I can accept that, but you little Trumplets squirming and calling it fake news because you know it will destroy your guy if it's real.. That's just really sad.

If you really are a citizen of this country.. That shit in those first 2 pages should scare the fucking shit out of you that it might be real. If it doesn't, then you aren't a concerned citizen of this country..

Classified U.S. intel report: Russia gathered compromising info on Trump - CBS News

FBI Investigating Unconfirmed Claims That Trump Was Personally Compromised by the Russians - ABC News

Trump Briefing Materials Included Damaging Allegations of Russian Ties: Sources - NBC News

The only major US news network not running this story at this point is Fox News... Guess they are waiting on how to make it "Fair & Balanced"..
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