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TrumpGate.. 35 page Intelligence paper leaked

This needed it's own topic..being Breaking News and such..

Prior to the election there was noise about the FBI having intel on Trump which was damning.. It's what Hillary Reid was talking about when he told Clapper to release it.. Whelp some of it's been leaked..

Highlights so far..

1) Trump has been getting intel from the Kremlin on Hillary and other political foes for up to 5 years.

2) The FSB claims to have enough information on Trump to blackmail him..

3) The FSB claims to have set up & or monitored Trump having perverted sexual lesions while in Moscow.

4) Trump supposedly turned down sweetened real estate/business deals. Meaning even if he turned them down he's been dealing with the Russians and lying to the public about it.

The FBI is currently working to confirm this stuff, which means we will have some interesting times now that it's been leaked so they can't hide it..
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