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PussyCash/ Proudly Presents their 12th Annual NFL Pickem' Pool for the Adult Industry

Back for an incredible 12th SEASON!

.::: More cash + more eligible sites to promote = more ways to win!
.::: And yet another season of fun from the most generous program on the web!

TO SIGN UP It's Free!

1. Go to
2. Click Login (or Register if this is your first time playing)
3. Mouseover Pool Tools (in the top menu) and click "Join a private pool", then click on the "Pro Pickem" icon
4. Pool's login name = pcashnfl
5. Pool's Password = ImLive
6. NEW FOR RETURNING PLAYERS -- Check your poolhost user settings to make sure the email address you have there is current! Also make sure the box is checked to recieve update emails from the pool (so you don't miss any deadlines or pool news)

For full list of rules/contest info etc click here.

Prizes are paid via your PussyCash affiliate account. All affiliates with accounts in good standing are eligible. If you haven't got one as yet CLICK HERE to register.

Once again it's ALL CASH, nearly $7K in total available cash to be won!

17 Weekly Regular Season Prizes: The top weekly winner throughout the 17 week NFL regular season will receive a minimum $100 cash, but here's the kicker: PussyCash will DOUBLE YOUR WINNINGS to $200 if you've sent at least 1 signup to any PussyCash site in the previous 30 days*, and will TRIPLE YOUR WINNINGS to $300 if you've had 5 signups to any site in the previous 30 days*.
*New affiliates -- for brand new affiliates that win a weekly prize during the regular season you have 30 days from the time you win to make 1 to 5 signup(s) to any one PussyCash site and you too will get your winnings increased.

Grand Prize -- The overall winner (after the playoffs and superbowl) wins the following:

(as in Pussy Cash baby!) $1000 USD

2nd PLACE over all

- $500 in cash

3rd PLACE over all

- $250 cash.

BACK AGAIN THIS YEAR: Triple Your Winnings, and more!

All PussyCash Sites Now Included! That's right. If you're a weekly $100 winner and in the previous 30 days you've had at least one signup to any of the fine sites in the PussyCash fold: WebCamWiz,,, Sexier,, Fetish Galaxy,, CamsCreative, your prize will be doubled to $200.

You can also:
TRIPLE YOUR WINNINGS: If you're a weekly winner and as a PussyCash affiliate you've gotten 5+ signups to any of our fine sites in the 30 days prior to your win we will TRIPLE your prize to $300.
There are now more chances than ever to win more Pussy Cash!

And we're not done yet, there's more...

Superbowl Prize: $100 prize for the person who predicts the Superbowl game correctly. If you have made your predictions every week for the entire season and you end up at the top of the Superbowl scoresheet posted after the game, you win.
* If the top person does not qualify then it falls to the next eligible player down the list.

The Worst Picker Prize: $200 prize for the person ending up with the lowest score of the entire season+playoffs. The winner must have made all of his/her picks for the year to qualify. Thus, the first person at the bottom who has made all of their picks who ends up with the lowest overall score wins this highly coveted award.

All-in that's almost SEVEN GRAND in available prizes!

The season opener (game 1) begins on THURSDAY Sept. 8th with the Broncos hosting the Carolina Panthers. However, players have right up until the kickoff of the first game on the SUNDAY of each week to make their picks (Eastern Standard Time).
IF YOU MISS PICKING EARLY GAMES (Thursday, Saturday etc) you simply forfiet the points for those games but you can still get your picks in for the remaining games before the usual Sunday deadline. No picks will be entered after the Sunday deadlines.

Anyone, and we do mean ANYONE can win! NFL games are notoriously fickle events, and even the most seasoned pickers and gamblers have been burned by a last second field goal or "hail Mary" play. There have been people who made random picks in past years who have won prizes.

Keep an eye on the news section of the login page for information about game scheduling, pool pick deadlines, etc. Regular updates will be posted in this thread once the pool commences.

if you're not yet signed up as an affiliate...

there's no time like the present!!

Get in the game and get set to have many weeks of fun in the football pool
and also be eligible for all of the other great PussyCash promotions and
moneymaking opportunities that only PussyCash affiliates enjoy.

Are you ready for some footbaalllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

And no, I didn't forget the obligatory upskirt...

Promote Wildmatch, ImLive,, and more!!


Put some PUSSYCA$H in your pocket.
ICQ me at: 31024634
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