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Originally Posted by porn-update View Post
Yesterday all my sites have made 24,288 visits.
With all popunder (clikadu, popads, popcash) I gained about 13 $.

Something wrong???
Playing the pop-under game is a constant game of monitoring what networks pay the most for what GEOs and this changes - almost every single day. If you have large volumes, you can instantly see when a big media buyer changes his bids or even when he moves from one program to the other.

There is nothing wrong with the above picture, it all depends on your GEO mix. First of all, most programs have a cap on how may times per hour/day they resell an IP. If your surfer already hit their network earlier, you won't get paid when you pop him. So 24K visits, can easily become 20..

Then think about how some GEOs pay as little as $0.1 CPM you can easily end up only earning $10 or $15 for pops with your traffic.

You need to be able to track what programs pay for what GEO pops. For example, PlugRush allows you to use up to 10.000 trackers with their direct link for pops - this way you can track what GEOs pay for what. For example:

Obviously this requires that you are able to control where you send your popunders and that programs support a direct link option. Trackers or not, if you can control where and what volumes you send to the brokers, you can monitor what you get paid and adjust the traffic to the broker that pays the most. And you need to be doing this, every single day.

In the above example, it's based on Country/OS. So traffic from China with the android OS is not a high price, but it's an OK price for CN traffic.

If you can't track the traffic, you simply have to monitor your average CPM. But then you have to use different programs for different sites and the GEO mix might not be the same and you end up picking a broker on data you can't really use.

In any case, I know that ExoClick, JuicyAds, PlugRush, PulpyAds and SmartxAds have direct links you can use for pops.
But.... I pulled out...
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