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Originally Posted by The Porn Nerd View Post
This was a good overview of mobile traffic, devices, etc, but it is NOT practical for th smaller company. Why?

"It akes a team to..." "very complicated..." etc etc. So in other words, if you don't know what you are doing, or cannot monitor this area of your biz full-time (or in real time) then you may be fucked.

Gee thanks but no thanks.

Plus, if we are talking allowing mobile to bill FULL JOINS (and NOT pay-per-minute, or trials, or special mobile pricing) then I would be all for it. But very few carriers will allow this. YES allow mobile to bill $29.95, NO if a carrier insists on billing per minute.

So: once again, what works for the giant corporate BROS will not work for smaller companies.
Yea, in some cases you are correct...this overview was meant to be a general explanation of how things tend to work in mobile and really refers more to the most common occurrences that companies like mine come across. So, I'm sure there are tons of exceptions...but there also tons of solutions to those exceptions. It's just a matter of seeking out the right people to who can hopefully help find those solutions with you

However, in most cases in terms of billing is really not that bad. For what we do in with VOD, Tube, and dating is more on a weekly subscription model...averages between 5-10 <u>Euro</u> per week. These smaller weekly price points are nice because it lends itself to massive retention times...which is really one of the many big benefits of utilizing mobile billing.
The carriers will allow us to charge higher, but it doesn't seem to work as well.

You are completely right about there being some sort of "special mobile pricing" in most cases, but that's not a bad thing and there are ways to unify that for the web and mobile users to have a more uniform experience and a single login for both desktop and mobile.
As I said, there are solutions out there...and they do need to be creative, but they work for the most part.
If the bottom line is about increasing your revenues while trying to maintain some sort brand integrity of positive user experience then it is totally possible...just requires a bit more time and work.

Porn Nerd, I'm not arguing your point at all...there was nothing you said that was incorrect...I am just simply stating that there are solutions for almost all big or small companies. Trust me when I say we work with some of the smallest and the biggest.

The good thing is, with whichever mobile solution provider or affiliate program you choose to work with, you can always just test things out and move on if it doesn't workout.
There are typically no up-front costs or commitments (unless you are a media buyer and needs to buy traffic from multiple sources).

Anyways, I could ramble on forever about all I'll shut up now

Please don't hesitate to hit me up and I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have.
I'm a total nerd about this I'm absolutely happy to discuss it whether we ever do business together or not!
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