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Originally Posted by iwantchixx View Post
Lots of good advice. A lot of people don't realize how wifi and mobile data users differ.

But this is a bad idea, more and more:

Search engines punish for it and leaves users with a bad taste in their mouths as they get redirected away from what they intended to see. Affects your productivity, too. Be upfront and when mobile is detected, warn users that site is not intended for mobile and offer an alternative if you must go that route. Via banner or whatnot as you mentioned but leave the user the opportunity to STAY on the initial page. Redirecting is a waste of traffic. You never know, that phone-wielding user might also have a tablet or laptop that'll use your site fine.. and have credit cards waiting to be used.
You make some really good points...and I agree that it all needs to be considered.
It has become totally possible to redirect traffic while maintaining within google's guidelines.
We actually worked quite closely with them to ensure we did what we could keep things above the level...which was not easy
However there are things that are being done by my company as well as other mobile companies just like mine which are allowing people to still benefit greatly from redirecting their mobile traffic while also keeping things cool with Google in terms of search-engine-friendliness.
I could write about here, but I think I'll save it for another submission to the GFY Educational Series, lol!
Please feel free to hit me up if it's something you want to hear more about, but by the sounds of things I think you have a pretty solid understanding already.

In any case, thanks for the constructive feedback...and please keep it coming
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