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Just an update: If your tumblr looks and feels like an affilate/porn page, you are likely to attract the wrong kind of attention. I know it sucks because tumblr is largely driven by free porn pics, stolen from content producers (like a pic-tube). How DARE we try to capitalize on what we created, huh?

However, tumblr is a social network. So--like twitter--you have to have a good balance of content & spam vs. socializing with other blogs outside of your own. Otherwise, you just look like another affiliate site. Tone down the banner farms and hide your links WITHIN the content. It may help to purchase a blog template or two. It shows you have actually contributed to their service, where others may not have. Make your blog blend in with all of the freeloaders. Participate, encourage your viewers to submit to you or ask questions (answer them, of course). Participate, participate, participate! I have yet to have one of my tumblr blogs shut down (knock on wood).

I hope this eases your concerns about your blogs being shut down.

Good luck to you. Get your money.
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