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Originally Posted by waltgator View Post
dont have any real tips, just dont overly post repeat ads.. we post about every day, but with pics, banners, promo stuff & links to our sites. amateur looking, not like your actually just posting ads... good luck & cheers
Funny time to reply lol, I just had 7 tumblrs banned yesterday -__-
I'm up to 65 now and had no problems in the past 3 months with bans, then got the ban hammer on my main account and 6 others.

One of the accounts even just linked to other tumblrs. There wasn't a single ad on the entire blog. The support team said it was banned for "spam/affiliate advertising"

I think a lot of it is luck too. I've seen Tumblrs that look like complete spam with more ads then content that have been around for years and become really popular.

Sorry to rant, what you said is good advice. I don't post anything other than images linking to my blog, but I do put ads on my blogs themselves. I think I'll just use PlugRush plugs from now on. They look like more content on the blog since the plugs in the amateur category are just pics of other amateurs and not the typical banners/ads.

Thanks for the reply
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