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Originally Posted by Doug of Montreal View Post
We've seen the inside of over 9,000 paysites and dealt with over 2,000 sponsors. (Try switching epass account payments with that many to sort through.
Ouch, we have felt the same. Not 2000 though.
Epass was good for gathering payouts and send the money home in bigger amounts.

What have you done now? Checks are very labor demanding for us - and expensive. We have chosen wire transfers from big sponsors with high minimums. And waiting for the smaller ones to support Paypal, CashX or Paxum.

Doug, This guide is good, and the described procedure are very similar to what we do at Adult Reviews and Porn Reviews.

To site owners, submit your site for review - it's free traffic and free consulting on what you can do to improve your site - which might end up helping you keeping your members longer.

A recip link to us is also mandatory if it's an incomming review request.
If we contact a site because we would like to review it' it's not the best thing to say after we have received a login: "And btw, you also have to link to us before we will review your site."

Get your paysite reviewed by Adult Reviews
Get your paysite reviewed by Porn Reviews
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