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Originally Posted by Mr. Cool Ice View Post
Thank you. I have a few questions.

1) How much does it cost to be in your top 5 list? I notice a trend of one program owning all 5 spots in some occasions with sites that are not that good.

2) Do you penalize sites for not allowing downloads? If so, why?

3) Can you resubmit your site for an updated review after you have made changes to better it? What is protocol for this?
Thanks for the questions.

1) To be brutally honest, you can't buy spots... at least not with us or with any of the sites that this piece covers. The top sites float. It's that simple. They have the most content, the most updates, the most bonuses for members. They are generally larger programs and have the most sales from tons of different affiliates and tend to pay the most. That's more to do with their bankroll and success than actually paying more for better reviews. You can't come in with 100 scenes (in most categories) and get a top spot no matter how much money you have behind you.

2) We give points, not take them away. Those with downloads get extra points. It's about how you look at the glass. I say half full. Why do we do it? As surfers, we think there's value in being able to download and watch the porn we've paid to watch. We allocate five points for that. It's not a lot but it's a tip of the hat to those who do. That's from a surfers perspective and that's who we write for. Ask me from a business standpoint whether or not there should be downloads, I may have a different answer...

3) All sites are different. At Rabbits, we ask webmasters to wait six months because sites don't usually change a lot in that time. If there has been a major chance, I usually ask that a webmaster submit all the changes. If there's going to be a significant change in score (more than a few points) or if a surfer would really have a hard time recognizing the site after arriving from our review, we'd update early. I was chatting with Stewart at WebmasterScore/TheTongue, though, and he said he's not as strict as we are. It just depends on the site. For us, with 6,500 reviews online, if we asked for anything less, we'd do nothing but update sites.
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