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So Fucking Banned
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Originally Posted by ArsewithClass View Post
I have read this thread & said what I believe.
No Gary, even YOU are not so stupid as to think that sending people that ask for it free pics and video clips is a bad idea. Or mailing your ex members and inviting them to rejoin.

Not even you are that stupid.

So you are just trolling an Educational Thread. AGAIN.

Which is a ban-able offence.

Originally Posted by ArsewithClass View Post
I do understand that opt-in emailing is spam compliant, but half of the websites have the box ticked already
Well that isn't double opt in then, is it. So you DON'T understand what you are talking about. Let me help you. Double opt in is where you enter your email address in a sign up box and then you are sent an email that you have to CLICK ON in order to receive the email newsletter.

Gary, just back out of this thread and you may avoid being banned. Carry on and you are making matters much worse for yourself.
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