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So Fucking Banned
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Originally Posted by DamianJ View Post
Gary, trolling an educational series thread is grounds for banning.

This is the second time you have trolled my educational series posts. I am now requesting you are banned. You useless time-wasting idiot.
Excuse me, I was not trolling. I am giving my thoughts on "emailing".

Please do not change my straight comments into some warfare. Paranoia from your own behaviour could be in effect.

I have recently read a few of your articles & seriously consider your advice has been reasonably incorrect. You even had a topic on not using capitals, yet large companies such as Brazzers, Playboy & many more use capitals on their tours & galleries.

Educating people is a very important value & the position must be given to the right person. I just do not believe that an education thread cannot have negative & positive points, considering its education.
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