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Originally Posted by bjlover View Post
1. GFY educational series is suppose to be flame free, you have proved again and again that you cant stick to the rules of this forum, you should have been banned months ago.

2. What you just posted, is like usual, stupidity beyond belief. Just when no one thinks you can actually be more stupid. You always prove them wrong. Well done
Excuse me, the only reason you think I am here with a slightly negative comment, is because Damian always trolls my threads. I have read this thread & said what I believe. Many other people tick a box & then delete the emails when they come through the box.

You read all the garbage thats in your inbox?

Originally Posted by nekrom View Post
You are a such a div.

Damian is talking about opt-in mailing which is can-spam 2003 compliant. The customer inputs his email into an opt-in box and is then sent a scripted response this his/her email address. The customer opens their email client, finds the email, clicks the verification link in the email and is then opted-in.

Damian is not talking about scrapping lists and blasting them out with bots like a bulker.

I do understand that opt-in emailing is spam compliant, but half of the websites have the box ticked already or, people think its a news letter about special events or what the model & site have been doing. Instead, they receive loads of emails every day with updates & other paysite links with aff codes, a great way to send out compliant Spam.

I personally believe that sales is a numbers game & search engines & TGPs are still the best way to go.
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