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Originally Posted by ArsewithClass View Post
It's straight forward, Emailing is spam, its crap & it's not effective.
I do find this really hard to believe Gary, but I am afraid you are wrong! I know! Crazy as it sounds, you are wrong.

Spam is defined as unsolicited commercial email. I am not suggesting anyone spams.

I am offering advice on double opt in, permission based mailing. If you read my first post on the subject, that you also trolled, you might understand that.

It is the single most cost effective way to get new members, keep existing members and winback cancelled members.

However, as you don't seem to understand the very basics of the adult industry I am not surprise you are struggling with the concept of people actually WANTING to get emails each week from my clients.

Originally Posted by ArsewithClass View Post
I, as most people, delete any email that looks like spam or mentions porn & adult.
Yes, but you also do stuff like have a home page that is full of grammatical and spelling mistakes and you don't do members' area upsells. So you really don't 'get' porn.

Originally Posted by ArsewithClass View Post
In your face letter dropping, it can work, I keep the occasional takeaway leaflet, but nothing like a search engine, the phone book or
LOL. Are you suggesting dropping leaflets door to door for porn sites? Hilarious.

Originally Posted by ArsewithClass View Post
Most people that are looking for porn, don't want to turn their pc on, check their email & find a load of porn emails on it.
Yes they do. I measure the open rates. They love it.

Gary, trolling an educational series thread is grounds for banning.

This is the second time you have trolled my educational series posts. I am now requesting you are banned. You useless time-wasting idiot.

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