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Originally Posted by ArsewithClass View Post
You may think i'm going to be against you for the crap you usually dish to myself, but i'm not. It's straight forward, Emailing is spam, its crap & it's not effective. I, as most people, delete any email that looks like spam or mentions porn & adult.

In your face letter dropping, it can work, I keep the occasional takeaway leaflet, but nothing like a search engine, the phone book or

Most people that are looking for porn, don't want to turn their pc on, check their email & find a load of porn emails on it.

If the email is designed for the webmaster, then they just want to see the updates & galleries available, as most of the programs do already.
1. GFY educational series is suppose to be flame free, you have proved again and again that you cant stick to the rules of this forum, you should have been banned months ago.

2. What you just posted, is like usual, stupidity beyond belief. Just when no one thinks you can actually be more stupid. You always prove them wrong. Well done
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