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GFY Educational Series: Using live content to promote webcam sites

How affiliates can boost revenues promoting webcam sites by using live content

I have spent more than 10 years in the industry devoted to live cam in one form or another. I found out early in my career in adult that live cam was not only a great money maker but also a fantastic tool for retention in membership and or feeder sites. My take on live and it's value has always been a little different then the norm. Live content as well as live interactive pay per minute shows continue to be one of the growth areas in our industry. It is the primary recipient of traffic from affiliates looking to maximize revenue from their traffic today.

Live Content for Members areas and Feeder sites: Attract, Convert, and Retain.

The utilization of live content in members areas continues to grow as more and more programs are realizing the income loss left untouched by not having some form of live or interactive type content available for their paying surfers. Through custom integration and seamless transition it has become the 'no brainer' for the savvy paysite owners out there to just plug it in and let it go, and collect a check at the end of the month. And even today the amount of real live content
available to members area is limited and, in my opinion, underutilized. The primary objective in membership sites is to convert the traffic to a paying member and then keep that member for
as long as you can. The Primary objective of a feeder site is to keep that member on your pages and peek their interest long enough to convert them into one of your sponsors. In other words, Face time with your sponsors. Live content can accomplish both of these objectives with ease.
For instance, for membership sites tying in the schedule of "Value Add" or "Free to Members" live interactive shows into your tour showing the star's name "Performing Now" and info on the show and linking to your join page will help in converting. Adding these value add shows either paid versions and or free versions to the members area gives members something new and interactive each and every time they log into your site. This will and has been proven to substantially increase retention.

For feeder sites with a log in area even if it is just an email grab can be used in the same way. Many of the content sites like ours will work with the "My Free Paysites" and or Log in area tube sites to get you a version of the content that will trade content for traffic to help with the face time of the members. Live cam feeds will help you convert that traffic and get you substantial time on page increases and certainly help convert that live content into live pay per minute sales.

In our experience, many of performers that do one hour shows on our network go directly into private shows afterward, pulling members with them and converting that traffic to private shows and more revenue for you.

Live Pay Per Minute Promotions.

In todays market, though revenue streams are shrinking in many areas, one area that remains strong is live cam. The internet is becoming more and more interactive and technology has created a wealth of quality applications to keep the surfers engaged and coming back for more.
With technology advances in phone and PC's abilities the tools available to webmasters to promote live interactive entertainment is endless.

Many similar companies are scrambling to develop a cam site or comparable technology solution. Today the abilities of cam sites to quickly adapt and create branded and sub-niched cam sites for clients is eliminating the need to spend a lot of money and or time developing
suitable solutions. With that, cam companies now have the ability to authorize access to our network of performers and trendy delivery system while maintaining the independence of the affiliate to run his/her own domain and brand. This of course keeps the affiliate doing what they do best, generating traffic and sales while maximizing revenue, not learning a new business.

Tie together all elements of live for maximum results.

As is the goal of most cam companies in the industry, private cam shows and live cam feeds allow you to tie in the best of both worlds of live. You will find this in practice by industry companies like DatingGold, CamDough, and ourselves, PrivateCamZ and CamZFeeds. We have the ability to completely and seamlessly integrate our content into the tours and members areas of membership sites and feeder sites as well as tie them into a white label pay per minute upsell site. The feeds consist of 15 hours a day of live interactive one hour cam shows to peak the interests of the members and then pull them into pay per minute. It is a powerful combination that works in achieving the primary goals of the membership/feeder sites as well as adds the additional revenue from the direct sales to cam.

About the Author:
Dan Hogue
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Started in adult in 1998 running amateur sites and traffic feeder sites. Started the amateur cam network amateurcamz in 2000 and added PrivateaCamZ and CamZ in 2003. Devoted his entire career to amateurs and related issues and live cam. Currently working on the soon to be released

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