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Ideas to Get You Started
Let's start with some of the most important pages...
- Landing Pages - first impressions speak for themselves
- Tours - How many complete the tour? Why did they bail out if they didn't?
- SignUp Page - A/B tests upon A/B tests upon A/B tests. It's your breadwinner folks!

What about Emails? How many were opened? How many clickthroughs? How many resulting sales? All of these should be tracked and every email should be A/B tested if you expect it to help in acquiring a new customer.

There really is no limit to the direction, degree, and amount to which you can take this. The Internet is a wealth of information on bucket testing and some of the most unlikely small changes can result in some of the biggest yields.

Don't expect everyone to give away everything however, much of these results are considered trade secrets and are not so lightly passed on. This article was meant to open your eyes to the possibilities and help you to understand the importance of statistical tracking.

About the Author
Eric Filson has over 11 years of experience developing enterprise-level web applications leveraging LAMP and other technologies. His bredth of knowledge and experience spans from designing and developing online games for a leading entertainment company to carrying a lead developer position for the largest dating site in the world. His primary focus currently lies in developing online communities backed by advertising, affiliate, and subscription based revenue models; merging latest technologies with time proven formulas to produce profitable sites that withstand the abuses of high-end scalability.
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