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Originally Posted by BestXXXPorn View Post
To add to your Winback paragraph...

First... almost the entire industry does subscriptions wrong...

You should offer free subscriptions at no cost, no CC required. You want to cap as much information as possible for offer emails in the future. You need to track your lead to conversion times. Everyone's are different but you should be scheduling "Offer Emails" to subscribers after the point where your conversion rates drop...

For example, you may find that after 30 days the likelihood that a user will sign up drops from 25% to 1%... On the 30th day you should be sending a special offer to that user. You are going to lose them if you don't do anything so why not a "free 5 day pass, risk free blah blah" or a "Special 50% off the first month"... etc...

Sell your free signup with some extra sample content, maybe a little FHG index for them with limited content...

You have to imagine your traffic like a funnel, most of you probably do this already but may not realize this one simple fact. Opening up the mouth of the funnel will open up a wealth of revenue. It's all about percentages of success and with a much larger mouth you have a LOT more to play with. Right now I see most people pissing away all traffic that doesn't immediately convert... WRONG!
Great addition. Nice points! It's a tad more advanced than I wanted to go with the first post, but everything you said is spot on right!

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