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I'm leaving a host right now that boasts 24/7 online support, blah, blah, blah, and tries to justify that's why he was so much more expensive. Bah! I work in sales at my dayjob and I know for a fact that some people will pay the most just because they think 'you get what you pay for' Double Bah! We used to take cheap ipmort shit, put a higher price tag than the one next to it and watch it fly through the doors. Point is I am moving to a very reasonably priced host and guess what in the week that I have been talking with him I have gotten more responses from him than in the 7 months at my old host from their 24/7 tech support. Triple Bah! If you wanna hit me up on icq 119359426 I'll tell you who it is. I think good things stay good if they aren't blazenly publicized.

oops - 118359426

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