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Well hello everyone.
This is Steve Lightspeed's %$#^!@* lawyer who is handling his lawsuit (this way I can let several of the posters here fill in the blank).

I would like to congratulate Steve for sticking with us for the whopping 30 days or so it took for us to go from starting the lawsuit to getting him his first check (Should go out tomorrow Steve). 30 DAYS. Is it huge? No(t yet). Is it more than Steve would have made had he sat around complaining on a blogsite about how everyone else is a loser? Yes.

Steve, I look forward to many more checks and laughing at all the people who think that illegal down loaders are somehow fans that need to be treated with kid gloves rather than the industry destroying thieves they are. I can't wait to sue a couple of thousand more pirates for you. I will see you in a couple of weeks.

John Steele
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